DCI - Central Texas

The DCI will have Special Interest Groups (SIGs) dedicated to the each of the constituencies as well as the broad range of activities we will engage in. The SIGs are:

    - SIG for Individual Participation
    - SIG for Corporate Participation
    - SIG for Institutional Participation
    - SIG for Government and ED Participation
    - SIG for Sponsor Participation

In addition to these SIGs, the DCI will have operational committees for:

    - Conferences and Workshops
    - Infrastructure (includes test-beds, white papers,
        convergence grid, etc.)
    - Public Relations, Branding, Marketing
    - Fund raising and finance

The infrastructure committee will eventually develop separate SIGs for each of its infrastructure activities.

If you have interest in helping to grow our digital convergence economy and are willing to help, please sign up for one of these groups.