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Innotech Austin — October 11, 2007

Sustainability and Social Media

Sustainability is about achieving well-being for people and the ecosystems within which they live. It's not limited to environmentalism and risk management; it's a far broader post-industrial concept promoting changed thinking about resources and risk, and acknowledging significant business opportunity within a new ways of configuring civilization and human activity. New thinking about natural capitalism, clean energy, and climate change mitigation will transform business. This transformation will be facilitated in part by converged media and Internet-based tools for communication, monitoring, analysis and decision support. We can already see the convergence of a sustainability economy and evolving web technical infrastructure, how will this look in 5-10 years?

Speakers include David Armistead, Jon Lebkowsky, David Swedlow and Josh Parker.

From Digital Convergence to Ambient Intelligence

At the center of future ambient living is the changing human experience or what we are calling the "sense" event. This will be the result of a new harmony of sensory energy and seamless sensory engagement, inspired by the convergence of multiple technologies, transmedia extensions, augmented reality, context sensitive amplification, adaptive systems and total immersion. It will allow us to express new forms of humanness to transform our intuitions and enhance our personal potential and allow us to re-contextualize the meaning of our "Self".

Panelists include Derek Woodgate, David Demaris, Brian Park.

Maker Faire - October 20-21, 2007

The DIY Home of the Future

We aim to create an environment through the use of screens and interactive elements that will demonstrate a new context and redefinition of the "DIY Home in 2012".

By focusing on the ambient experience in its broader sense, we will illustrate how emerging behavior, attitudes and technologies will fuse to create new ideas about space, content, interface, connectivity, personal engagement and how this will open up fresh opportunities for DIY lifestyles and environments.

Ultimately, DIY will involve the transformation and re-dimensionalization of the meaning of "Self" and enable us to create hybrid environments, which will optimize anything from our health and well-being to our multi sensory development and new expressions of humanness.

The Digital Convergence Initiative conference's goal was to bring together the primary regional players in the convergence industry for collaboration on the next steps in establishing Central Texas as the epicenter of innovation in the Digital Convergence economy.

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