DCI - Central Texas

The DCI serves as a tangible framework to redefine Central Texas as a premier region for Digital Convergence. Acting as a coordinating entity, the DCI will facilitate the growth of the convergence economy in Central Texas.


Digital content is revolutionizing our communications, our devices, and has become the basic building block of our society. It is the foundation that will allow Central Texas to become a global leader in convergent technologies, products, and services.

This initiative will catalyze growth for new and existing businesses, facilitate the emergence of new economically productive partnerships, and generate prosperity for the region, state, and nation. The DCI will advance economic opportunities for small and emerging businesses, accompanied by opportunities for large companies to partner and find valuable innovations throughout the region. The DCI will improve alignment of institutional and private sector digital-oriented research and development.

The global economy is moving incredibly fast and similar efforts to create this cluster are underway in Central Florida, Southern California (both San Diego and Los Angeles), NYC, the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, South Korea, Hong Kong, Finland and Australia.

The early leaders in this area will set the standards and processes and will have a significant first-mover advantage that should lead to substantial economic edge.

Central Texas Triangle


DCI - Central Texas