DCI - Central Texas

The Digital Convergence Initiative (DCI) is a project of the Greater Austin-San Antonio Corridor Council.

It was started at the IC2 Institute at the University of Texas at Austin as part of that Institute's continuing effort to create wealth through expanded uses of capitalism for the purpose of maintaining a stable and civil society. This activity involved both the leadership of IC2 and its Fellows network.

Since this was clearly a regional activity, other organizations from the Waco-Austin-San Antonio corridor collaborated with IC2. These first partners were the San Antonio Technology Accelerator Initiative (SATAI), Salsa.Net, Baylor University Department of Communications, and a few key individuals who believed in the mission and goals of the DCI.

This group of organizations and individuals formed the Digital Convergence Initiative Task Force whose purpose was to form the DCI as a regional entity to promote economic growth of the Waco-Austin-San Antonio corridor.

Digital Convergence Super Cluster

DCI - Central Texas