DCI - Central Texas


The era of true Digital Convergence across multiple industries, technologies and services has arrived.

Central Texas has a unique array of companies in the digital space including, but not limited to film/video, games, wireless technology and applications, semiconductors, security, communications, computers, software, content development, home electronics, personal devices. It has research centers and universities developing the next generations of convergence, and it hosts an impressive talent pool of technical, creative and innovative people across this spectrum of industries and institutions.

By connecting the regional entities, leveraging the convergence of these separate industries, and mobilizing our talent for innovation we will create a super economic cluster in Central Texas that will be a leader in a 21st Century global convergence economy.

All of these activities, and more, will be necessary to achieve success. This is because the modern global economy is becoming more horizontal and digital convergence is the driving force behind this flattening. The Central Texas economy must develop speed and accuracy in fielding new products, technologies, services and content by building and exploiting the horizontal connections that Digital Convergence has and is creating.

There are at least four identifiable vertical structures that exist in the region across which horizontal structure and process must be created:

    - Multiple industry sectors
    - Company size boundaries
    - Institutional research boundaries
    - Municipal boundaries

To create and deploy this horizontal structure the DCI will engage with important constituencies throughout the region. This engagement will require time and effort from the members and working groups of the DCI.

Some of the activities that the DCI expects to engage in to accomplish its mission and goals are:

- Conferences
- Workshops
- Regional project test-beds
- Infrastructure for regional
    collaboration and electronic
- A convergence computer grid
- Human resource development
- Regional technology strategic
- Developing new business models
- Developing new investment models