DCI - Central Texas

Organizational Sponsor - $15,000 per year

Sponsors provide the resources essential to advance the work of the DCI. Organizations join the DCI at the Sponsor level because the digital convergence work is important to their businesses. They contribute to existing SIG committees or introduce new work to the convergent agenda to whatever extent they choose. Sponsor Members benefit by being recognized in the industry for their contributions to the DCI.

Organizations should join the DCI at the Sponsor level if they are:

  • A developer, user or implementer seeking to influence and shape the future of digital convergence to ensure business requirements are met and staff stay informed of key developments
  • A government agency wanting to advance digital convergence and/or the central Texas region
  • Any organization that finds value in having its contributions to DCI publicly recognized in DCI promotional materials, press releases, newsletters, and public Committee web pages.

Qualifications: All legal organizations and individuals are eligible for DCI Sponsor membership. There are no restrictions or special requirements.


  • Involve up to 30 employees in DCI activities
  • Vote on DCI member business (one vote per organization)
  • Nominate candidates for DCI Board of Directors and Technical Advisory Board
  • Receive recognition in DCI press releases
  • Gain visibility with your organization's name featured on the main web page of each DCI SIG in which you are represented
  • Promote your leadership role by posting DCI Member logo on your website and other promotional materials.