DCI - Central Texas

Platinum Infrastructure Sponsor - $15,000 per year

This class of sponsor might support:

  • Testbeds
  • Grids
  • Marketplace

Many organizations--small end users, local government agencies, trade groups, and universities - will join the DCI solely to participate in the technical work of the DCI. They do not seek public recognition for their involvement, electing instead to invest their full resources in the projects and activities. Their contributions are valuable, but their budgets are limited. The DCI created the infrastructure-level membership to enable this important sector of the community to be represented in advancing the DCI and the super cluster.

Platinum Infrastructure Sponsor membership dues support the infrastructure only. The SIGs rely on Sponsor-level members to fund the education and marketing activities that ensure the widespread adoption of their collaborative efforts; thus, Platinum Infrastructure Sponsors do not take advantage of promotional benefits associated with those activities.

Through involvement in DCI SIG Committees, Platinum Infrastructure Sponsor ensures their business requirements are met.


  • Involve up to 15 employees in DCI activities
  • Receive identification in DCI SIG marketing materials
  • Promote your leadership role by posting DCI Member logo on your website and other promotional materials.