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Ultra Media eNVIRONMENTs (UMe) & WorldWideWave Initiative (W3I )

The Ultra Media eNVIRONMENT (UMe) is the brain-child of artist and inventor Kim Smith. Imagine with us the power of user-centered mosaics of content to produce creative insight. UMe is a Texas Technology Corridor technology that enables convergence. UMe will be used to host an Austin-based WorldWideWave - a world party that makes it possible for people to see the Earth as an emerging mind in massive internal dialogue.

In the 1970s, the world was made better by people for the first time being able to see the Earth from space as a living, breathing organism. Ultra Media eNVIRONMENTs, with supporting content networks, provide the "lens" for such views to invoke a holistic sense of wonder. The technology is all there. It just needs to be hooked up. We invite you, the viewer, "to contemplate the common threads that weave their way through the rhythmic cycles of our exterior and interior worlds."

For even more information see: www.newrpm.com

To participate in UMe email: [email protected]

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DCI - Central Texas