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Thursday, August 24, 2006

3-D TV That Actually Works

Philips has developed a 3D television system that doesn't require special glasses to view. [Link]

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sony's new wireless communication handheld

"Hoping to tap into the growth of wireless networks across college campuses, other public spaces and within homes, Sony Corp. will announce Tuesday a new pocket-sized gadget for instant messaging and other Internet-based communications.

"The Sony mylo, slated for availability in September at a retail price of about $350 (euro270), is a first-of-its-kind product that uses Wi-Fi networks, analysts say. It is not a cellular phone and thus does not carry monthly service fees. And though it could handle Web-based e-mail services, it does not support corporate e-mail programs." [Complete article at MIT Technology Review]

The Digital Convergence Initiative of the Texas Technology Corridor –

An opportunity to be a leader in establishing Central Texas as the world center of innovation for Digital Convergence.

As more intelligent, smaller digital machines are developed, as digital circuits evolve, and as digital communications becomes ever-more pervasive, they will continue to converge with computers, televisions, security systems, electric appliances, and many other devices, to provide new and useful functions for both the home and work environments.

This is Digital Convergence, and is the tip of the iceberg - the symbiotic coalescence of technologies, markets, and functions forming the foundation for present and future innovation and growth.

Download and read the DCI's report, Digital Convergence Initiative: Creating Sustainable Advantage in Texas. 3.5MB pdf file. Click here to download.