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Why Regnier Valdez??

Great Creative.

It all starts here. Or maybe it all ends here. Great creative launches your campaign. (And when it�s our creative, propels you to unimaginable success.) But the creative is also an end product. It only comes about after intensive research into your business, exhaustive analysis of the consumer and a great deal of beer. Hey, creative guys live on beer.

Strong Marketing.

Great creative can only be successful when it�s backed by strong marketing. You have to know what goes where, when. We do the research. We plan the campaign. And we know it�s not all TV commercials. Direct mail, collateral, websites, and PR all play a part in creating success. Our marketing team does research and provides you with handy charts and graphs to explain it all. They�re a little obsessive-compulsive that way.

Sound Experience.

We could tell you that we have �over 3,000 years combined experience,� but that�s a crock that advertising people use to make it sound like they�ve been doing this for a long time. If we have three people in the creative department who�ve colored inside the lines since kindergarten, does that count for �over 50 years of artistic excellence�? No. What we do have is a crack team of professionals who have made this their life�s work. And our agency has been here since 1981. That�s close to two centuries in dog years.

We�re the total package. We believe that everything you do says something about your brand. It goes beyond a snazzy logo and a catch ad campaign. It�s how your phones are answered. How your lobby looks. How your salespeople deal with your clients.

Every day, there are millions of ways to promote your brand, to set it apart. And we know how to do it.

We are in the business of building companies. We�re good at it. We have fun with it. And we get results.

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DCI - Central Texas