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The Flogiston Eye

The flogiston eye is the place where digital convergence happens. At the intersection of realspace, mindspace and cyberspace is a point where the data, information, knowledge and understanding cross over and transform continuously from one space to another. As the third space in our evolution expands and grows and becomes increasingly immersive, there has to be a common place where this energy transformation can occur. The place is the flogiston eye.

At the DCI C3 event Brian Park demonstrated a prototype eye screen for use with flat and immersive media in conjunction with the original flogiston chair from The Lawnmower Man. Despite many attempts to test the chair to destruction, modify it for all sorts of experiments and experiences, some of which are not to be spoken of, it still survives, somewhat beaten up and scarred, but still functional as it was when it was built in 1991. It has had the rears of Timothy Leary, Brian Eno, Pierce Brosnan and many other significants warm its hide. Their remnant energy is infused into every molecule.

The media sources are a selection of Ken Adams videos, and Xbox 360 games. A superb 5.1 surround system from Sound Mind Audio completed the floroom.

Prepare to be transformed. Threespace has come.

For more information contact:

Brian Park
Flogiston Corporati
n 16921 Crystal Cave Dr.
Austin, TX 78737
512 894 0384
[email protected]

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